What We Do

Double Line works with administrators and executives of state and
local agencies in four distinct markets within the Education industry.
Learn more about our work in each market below.

Data Reporting

Providing data reports to federal, state or district stakeholders can
be a time consuming and arduous process. At most state and
district institutions, educational data is spread across multiple systems making
it not easily accessible or automated, forcing the need for a
manual task, which takes time and human resources to complete.

Double Line develops and implements data interoperability solutions to solve
this problem. Our solutions streamline the collection and unification of
educational data for federal, state, and district reporting
which reduces inefficiencies and operational costs.

As the creator of the Ed-Fi Data Standard, Double Line
ensures our partners fully harness the power of data interoperability
by tailoring a solution to their unique student needs.

Double Line has helped Michigan Department of Education implement
an automated framework to provide assessment reports in a
timely manner to 900 districts and over 2 million
administrators, parents, teachers, and students.

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Dual Enrollment

Early College High School (ECHS) and Dual Enrollment programs require
the regular exchange of data between different institutions. Since these
institutions operate on different schedules and have different standards and
expectations about the use of data, it can cost additional
time and effort and cause ECHS/Dual Enrollment adoption rates
to suffer. To ensure that their graduating students are college ready,
ECHS and Dual Enrollment programs must overcome significant data challenges.

Double Line can help make your ECHS/Dual Enrollment program
successful by streamlining, scaling and automating the data exchange between
your district and your higher education partner. The number of students
furthering their education by attending college increases through successful
ECHS/Dual Enrollment program operation.

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